Reflecting on the February 2022 Flooding Event: A Resilient Community United

Reflecting on the February 2022 Flooding Event: A Resilient Community United Main Image

By Yvette D'Ath

17 February 2023

As the State Member for Redcliffe, I want to take a moment to reflect on a challenging time that our community faced in 2022—the February Floods. The impact of this weather event was significant, causing damage and disruption throughout the Moreton Bay region. However, amidst the devastation, I was moved by the incredible strength and unity displayed by our community, as well as the outpouring of support that followed.

The floods brought hardship and loss to many families and businesses in the Moreton Bay community. Homes were damaged, possessions were lost, and livelihoods were affected. It was a difficult time for all of us, but what truly stood out was how we rallied together, supporting one another through acts of kindness, resilience, and compassion.

The response from our community and the wider region was awe-inspiring. Neighbors helped neighbors, volunteers came together to assist with cleanup efforts, and community organizations, charities, and government agencies worked tirelessly to provide support and resources. It was heartening to witness the strength of our community as we came together to rebuild and restore what was lost.

The aftermath of the floods was a time of rebuilding, not just physically but emotionally as well. It was a time for us to come together and support those who were affected, lending a helping hand wherever we could. The resilience and determination shown by our community were truly remarkable, reminding us that we are stronger together.

As I reflect, I’d also like to celebrate the progress we have made in recovering and rebuilding. While the memories of the flood event may still be fresh, we are moving forward with renewed hope and determination. Our community is more resilient than ever, ready to face any challenge that comes our way.